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Small scaled groups

Happy Dog Walks has a maximum of 8 dogs per walk but the walk usually contains about 5 dogs. This increases the safety of your dog and gives a better control of the group.

Minimum travel time

​Due to the small groups and the local working area, the travel time of your dog is as little as possible. This makes the trip more comfortable for everyone.

Professional walker

I am an educated dogtrainer with over 10 years experience in dog walking and have had dogs all my life. I am proud to be the leader of my happy pack. 

No additional costs

​You only pay for the walk of your dog. There are no charges for the absence of your dog during holidays or sickness. 

Flexible schedules

​Happy Dog Walks is a flexible dog walking service, a last-minute request to add your dog to the group usually gets a positive reply. This makes the service also suitible for freelancers. The walks take place in the morning or afternoon, whatever is best for your dog.

Well-balanced group

Happy Dog Walks doesn't allow dogs with aggression or social problems. The pack is a well-balanced group of dogs with healthy behaviour. This to increase the safety, comfort and pleasure of your dog.

Other services

Dogsitting, doggy daycare, doggy hotel, dogtraining, dogtaxi and private walks (also in the weekend) are all possibilities. Please contact Happy Dog Walks for more information.